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  1. What are Alternative Design's prices?

  2. How does the creative process work?

  3. How do I get started?

  4. What should I include to start a project?

  5. Is Alternative Designs design work original?

  6. Who owns the creative property?

  7. Who can I contact about this web site?

Q. What is Alternative Designs pricing?

    We offer a free initial consultation with a thorough discussion of your project needs. After which a written bid will be provided with a design breakdown including the projected costs and a list of services provided by Alternative Designs.

Major Credit Cards accepted


Q. How does the Creative Process work?

    The fun begins after confirmation of bid and receipt of 50% of estimated costs. Concept development, rough drafts and layouts start the creative process. This is an interactive, synergistic. Your ideas, needs and interaction are necessary to the creative process @ Alternative Designs. Your project evolves with each "bounce back-and-forth between us. After approval of the design, art and writing is received your project will be completed in a timely manner.


Q. How do I get started?

    Please contact us if you would like assistance developing the list of your design project's requirements! You will benefit from advertising and marketing that is designed for your success. We look forward to hearing from you and will gladly put together some exciting alternatives for you.


Q. What should I include to start a project?

    To begin, you may visit our Web Sites page for more information and view our client web page Test Site to see how the process is done.

    Your web or print project(s) may include some or all of the following:

      • Schedule Deadline:
      • Name (Company, Promotion, Domain):
      • Focus Description:
      • Design Ideas/Preferences
      • How many items/products on the web site:

    Important aspects of our production are:

    Print Projects:

    • Project Deadline:
    • Project Name:
    • Project Description:
    • Stock:


    • Full Color(CMYK Process)
    • Spot Colors:


Q. Are Alternative Design's artwork, writings and designs original?

  • Alternative Designs, heretofore known as, "The Company," guarantees that all production content is original and completely designed in house for the specific purpose of, and use by our clients or, "The Purchaser."
  • Production is retained only for sample promotion by the company and resubmission or redesign, if necessary or required by the purchaser.
  • Contracted and delivered production media becomes the property of the purchaser and they retain all rights to distribution and marketing of the media.
  • Published books are copyright and the property of the copyright holder.
  • Web sites designed by the company are owned and controlled by the owner of the domain. Domain name assigning, registration and hosting can be arranged for the purchaser by the company if not previously maintained.


Q. Who owns the creative product? Who do I contact?

  • All the contents of are copyrighted property of the company.
  • The web copy and contents of Alternative Designs are copyright protected by the company.
  • Photographs, graphics, and artistic material are the sole property of the company, unless consigned and may not be electronically downloaded, copied, duplicated or transferred without permission of the company.
  • Domain specific material produced by the company for a client is the property of the client and domain owner and may not be used without the authorization of the client or domain owner.
  • Photos, graphics, JavaScript, Stylesheets and materials not designed and produced by the company are public domain.
  • Public domain material is not recognized under the rights of the company.
  • No material may be used, unless noted as public domain, without prior arrangement and consent by post, email, or fax, from a representative of the company.
  • The Alternative Designs company logo and production media and web site is protected by the conventions of international treaty and U.S. copyright laws. Reproduction without approval is in violation of those laws.

Q.Who do I contact?

  • Contact Barbara Lyman for a design consultation and estimate.
  • The WebMaster for the purpose of design consultation, page documentation and use consent is a representative duly authorized by the company. The company owner, Barbara Lyman is the person assigning representation. The site documents may be inspected at the company by contacting the office.